Wonderful benefits of using time clock software

If you are looking for the authorized place to get time clock software then you are advised to visit time clock genie because they are offering only reliable software. Once you successfully login in to the time clock genie, then you might arrive at user friendly and convenient control panel. In this screen, you might get an overview of information such as weekly requests, notifications and schedule. You will also clock out and clock in from the control panel. It has features of clock corrections and it is the excellent function which allows the user to submit the request to the manager for correcting their timesheet when they accidentally forgot to punch out or in. The manager might correct the error by reviewing clock correction in the system. Once you go to the snapshot page, then you can get a glance at day and see the brief overview which displays the entire employees which are presently clocked in.

How to schedule in time clock software

Time clock genie takes the hassle out of employee scheduling process with the help of their advanced functions and easy to use the online system. As everyone knows requesting time off work is not an easiest tasks and employee could go into online time clock system and create the request for unpaid or paid time off. It can be denied or approved by the manager. There are vast numbers of the benefits are associated with easy time clock such as

  • 100% online
  • Blocking hackers
  • Staying connected
  • Mobile connect
  • Clock shield

Time clock genie has 99.99% server uptime and their server is secured with the military grade encryption and it could be locked up with the around clock security with the help of their respective data centers. They have the capability to keep your personal data protected and safe at any cost. They have 128 bit SSL encryption and this secure encryption can really helpful to protect your data from hackers. Sometimes they are offering advanced online security in the form of firewalls and this software can store all of your data on another service in the form of backup protection. Nowadays technology, has improved a lot so that people can quickly and simply access online time clock data and information from any kinds of device. Actually you can add mileage to your account, monitor your user account and clock in and out from any cell phone ad iPad.

Security features involved in time clock software

Homepage for your business time clock could be accessible under unique URL which contains the name of your company. Once the employee is visiting homepage then they will encounter custom page design which includes company logo, name and personal message to all the users. Time clock genie is to assign special IP address or computers which are allowed to be used to clock out and in. It could be accessed through the internet of any kinds of device. This company knows that most of the companies compensate the employee for their costs which includes gas, tolls, mileage or other kinds of miscellaneous expenses.

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