To make your online business thrive you just have to find an effective way of persuading clients to sign up

For this reason, landing pages come in handy for this task. However, for these pages to actually attract and convert potential customers, they have to be of outstanding design. Converting websites have unique elements that help drive traffic and leads. All these eventually lead to more customers signing up for products and services. Effective page designs usually focus on factors such as layout and form-length. These are two of the most essential aspects of top-notch landing pag.s. This article will therefore act as a refresher on landing page examples that effectively convert


Once you type the address of this page and hit enter, you will immediately notice its most outstanding feature. This is a chat window which is a unique method of interaction. Typically you will meet forms in most websites landing pages. The chat window will steer your attention on the main purpose of the page. That is to get you signed up. Below the feature is detailed information on what the service is all about. Such a feature ensures that users who do not fully understand the service get enlightened. It also offers kind of an SE0 since it is laced with some keywords that help boost its rankings on major search engines.

refresher on landing page examples

Impact branding and design

The outstanding feature here is the simplicity in layout. A  simple layout is easy to navigate and saves a potential customer a lot of time They do not have to visually churn over a lot of stuff. Furthermore thefeatured images and big headlines make it more eye catching. Indeed the one who said a picture is worth a thousand words did not mince words. Demonstrative pictures can just be as effective as worded explanations or at times even more.

The use of pictures is a proven method of increasing landing page conversion rates. On top of these, Impact branding and design has immaculate fonts and colors that just enhance the already existing visual appeal. There is also a checkbox within the page for subscription to their blog. By default, it is usually checked. However when creating your own page, it is advisable to leave check boxes empty. It gives potential customers a choice. You do not want to end up with apathetic subscribers to your product.


This is quite an interesting one On this page the main purpose is clearly stated. That is to easily make money out of the service. There is also an additional option for drivers to give personal details. Such include their city of operation and the hours they intend to spend driving. Below this information is a button that says calculate. Upon clicking this option, you are taken to a new page. Here you will find an “apply now” option which leads you to a form. Therefore, by design the landing page caters for two types of visitors. The first type is those who have decided to sign up. The second, are those who want to research and gain more tangible information.


Trulia begins with a simple form. This form prompts the user to “give an address” this is far from the conventional method that asks your address the former technique is less intrusive and intimidating. The address denotes the neighbourhood of the house Below the simple form is an orange button with the words “get my personalized estimate written over it Once you click on the button, you get taken to the next page where further enquiries are given.

It’s rather obvious that the address alone is not sufficient to estimate the value of the premise, for example the number of baths, beds, etc. further below you will see a prompt requesting for input on where you would like the form to get sent. Accompanying this is a disclaimer that by entering the information, you consent to liaise with a real estate agent. This landing page gives value from the onset by setting expectations on each step.


This is arguably the most popular localized home rental service. One outstanding feature is that it gives a good projection of potential weekly earnings to expect from your rental. This is based on your location. Furthermore, there is an option to enter additional information about the home in the provided fields. If you are visiting with your mind already made up, there is a call to action prompt on the upper part of the page. It facilitates quick on-the-spot conversion.

With the above examples, you can now get a broader insight on how to set up your landing page. Remember, it all depends on the intent you want to achieve and the content layout as well as page design. When done in the right manner, landing pages can shuttle traffic to your main site and convert like nobody’s business.

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