The Best Iphone 12 Series in the Smartphone Market

Recently, the world of smartphone technology has been complete the appearance of some products from two well-known brands. None other than Samsung vs its competitor Apple, with its new products, iPhone 12.

Both of these products are offered at almost the same price and are full of experiment features, iPhone 12 offers the best. Both the iPhone 12 series. Have very similar features, they both have amazing screens, fantastic cameras, beautiful and verry powerful hardware.

Then, with this almost the same price offer, are the features offered worth it? Let’s make the following comparison of the iPhone 12.


Design & Display

The iPhone 12 weighs 188 grams. The convenience of using lighter or heavier products, of course, is determined by each user.

Both the iPhone 12 are equipped with a cool Dark Mode theme accompanied by a Blue Light Filter. which when the smartphone is on standby it displays a clock and notifications. Previously, this feature was rumored to appear on iOS products but until now it has not been realized.

the iPhone 12 pixel density per inch reaches 463. However, when viewed directly, both have a fairly sharp screen.


Camera & Audio

Camera on this iPhone provides a feature with a warmer image. When dealing with high lighting levels, the iPhone tends to produce blurry images .

At 10 times zoom feature, while for iPhone at that point the image pixels have shown. For captur human objects, trees, and landscapes during the day. iPhone produces a soft image.

In terms speakers, both devices are equipped with stereo speakers. with high volume, the two of them still sound friendly to the ears. while the iPhone offers a slightly louder and clearer sound highest volume.

Software & Performance

For the software itself, of course, iPhone uses iOS. Both devices are equipped with a virtual assistant, Siri for iPhone. the iPhone uses Face ID which has been updated every year. the iPhone 12 is equipped with a 3046 mAh battery. Both of them can last quite a long time. Even so, if used continuously, multitask and heavy programs, still consume a lot of battery power and need to discharge immediately. The charging time from 0% to 100%, while the iPhone takes 105 minutes.

Both of them carry a variety of experimental features that are quite slick, not only relying on design but also bringing qualified specifications to perform various multitasking.

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