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Tips to increase page rank

Each and everyone who has a business website will be highly concerned about its search engine ranking. This is because their sales can be increased only if the website is ranked better in the search engine result. But even though this sounds to be astonishing practically it needs more effort. Only the people who have better knowledge in it can handle them at the best. People who are handling it for the first time will have various hassles to overcome. This article is written in order to guide the people who are seeking the best ways to increase the page rank of their website.

page rank of the website

Quality content

Obviously whenever a website is launched, it should be loaded with sufficient content. It is to be noted that the content which is updated in the website should be unique and they must be of best quality. Spam contents should not be used at any extent. People who don’t have enough knowledge on writing the web content can feel free to hire the help of the professional services. The professional content writers can write the best content which can influence the page rank of the website.


The next important factor which is needed to increase page rank is the backlinks. Gaining more number of backlinks might be quite easy. But gaining quality backlinks needs more effort and time. Hence the web masters must show more interest in gaining quality links rather than gaining more numbers of links. There are several factors through which the best links can be built. The best of these sources can be used to build quality links without any kind of compromise. Even though this consumes little time, they can help in increasing the page rank to a greater extent.


This is one of the best triumph cards to increase page rank. Especially the meta description should be accurate. And the most common mistake done by many people is they tend to load their website with more numbers of keywords. But this is not the right approach. It is the height of stupidity to dump the website with more numbers of keywords. The keyword percentage should be based on the recent search engine update. In case, if they are not handled accordingly, the search engine will easily point out that the web master is attempting to increase their page rank without the process of optimization.

Social media sharing

The social media sharing is another effective way to drive more traffic to the website. Obviously enhanced traffic will influence page rank. The best social media platforms which don’t involve any kind of spam should be used for sharing the website or the products promoted in it.

Apart from these there are several other on page and off page optimizing factors which are to be implemented for increasing page rank. The business people must track the growth of their website in order to handle it at the best. They can make use of the best serp rank tracker to get this done. One can click here to start now.