You can only be so careful when it comes to handling your phone. Sometimes it may a simple thing as leaving the phone on your lap then standing having forgotten where you had kept the phone. That fall could easily cause the screen to crack. Although some cracks are minor, others can be so bad you will not be able to use your phone. Unfortunately, Apple does not cover this in their warranty. You may be tempted to get the cheaper screens in the market. You should however, remember that if the iPhone is opened by someone who is not authorized by Apple, you forfeit the entire warranty. This is why ny iPhone repair is important. You do not want to save money and risk losing the warranty that came with your iPhone.

If your phone is under warranty, you can get the right support from Apple. They will recommend an authorized dealer near you to handle your screen replacement. It may cost you more than the usual screens in the market, but at least you will know you are dealing with someone who understands your phone.

ny iphone repair

Precautions to take to avoid future screen damage of your iPhone

You may not avoid accidents that result in the falling of your iPhone. However, you may be able to prevent damage for quite some time, especially for falls that are not too hard or on hard ground.

  • Use a case that offers screen protection to your iPhone. There are many attractive cases in the market today if you are worried about your phone losing its appeal.
  • Screen protectors can also come in handy. This plastic cover is usually used to keep the screen from scratching. This protector can be used to protect the screen in case of a fall. The screen protector and case can be used at the same time. This way your iPhone has greater protection.
  • Apple care is a great investment. When you spend as much as you do on an iPhone, it is important to ensure your phone gets the right care. Often the life span of a phone should be worth its cost. Having apple care on top of the standard warranty is one way you can ensure you get value for money.

Not many people consider the apple care worth adding to the expense of buying an iPhone. It is only when your phone needs additional care that you will remember the value of this added service. An iPhone is an investment, ny iphone repair knows this. This is why special care is taken when handling your phone repair. Only qualified and knowledgeable technicians should be handling your iPhone.

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