One of the most popular games for teenagers

Jimmy Hopkins is the main character in Bully: Anniversary Edition. Jimmy Hopkins is a hooligan and is of bad behavior so turned to the worst school named Bullworth Academy. The bully scholarship edition for android has great feature including graphics, texture, lightning etc. This is full of interest and exciting system of tasks for participating in disassembly with other students in class for doing pranks which disturbs the teacher in school. Jimmy challenges all his friends in the class and irritates everyone. He is the adventure and is ready to face any problems at any moments. He destroys his enemies with his nuts shots and very dangerous for his opponents.

Playing the role of real bully

Every day Jimmy goes to Bullworth Academy and he repeats the same work of disturbance making pranks, irritating to friends and teacher. He got scold from his teacher and he is as angry as he got started fighting in the ring. He is so dangerous and he defeats his opponents in the worst manner. While crossing the road he got an accident with the taxi. He went to the carnival where he played many games as much he wants, first of all, he started cycling in which he got first after that he played basketball and here he again started a fight with his opponent team. He is intelligent too and does his experiment in an effective manner.

 Overview of the character of the game

The very first name comes into mind is Jimmy Hopkins whose voice artist is Gerry Rosenthal, then comes his opponent Gary Smith whose voice artist is Peter Vack also one more character who plays a vital role in bullies is Pete Kowalski whose voice artist is Matt Bush. Now it’s come the turn of Bullies who played the main role in the play is Russell Northrop whose voice artist is Cody Melton, Davis White whose voice artist is Geoffrey, Tom Gurney whose voice artist is Connor Paolo, Trent Northwick whose voice artist is Jaime McAdams. There are several Preppies who played a specific role in the Belly: Anniversary Edition is Derby Harrington whose voice artist is John Lavelle, Bif Taylor whose voice artist is Andrew Rannells, Bryce Montrose whose voice artist is Ben Levin, Chad Morris whose voice artist is Brandon Gill.  Also, there are Gresers, Nerds, jocks, Townies, Non-Clique Students, Little Kids, Perfects, Bullworth Academy Staff, Town folks, Shopkeepers, Police Officers, Orderlies, Carnival Folks and much other Character who supported the whole screenplay.


Every edition of this game one can, you can challenge your friend openly and there is a feature of turn by turn play and head to head competition. The promising feature of new addition suggests the popularity of the game is going to be increased.  The character is very similar to our daily life and the condition of the game is also similar such as Boss- Employee relation, boxing arena game, two groups fighting in a school or college, basketball competition, street bully and many more. So all the game over here is very common and realistic that’s why it is getting more popular day by day.

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