Look up Whois data via API easily and accurately

Look up Whois data via API easily and accurately

Looking at the vast complexions of the internet, it is a great help to find neatly organized and maintained systems. One such clean database is the WHOIS. WHOIS is indispensable for smooth operation of DNS and hence the internet. Hence, manipulating such a service is an important part of any web service. For the same purpose, managing WHOIS data via API is an interesting and very efficient way.

What actually is the WHOIS?

WHOIS, though seems like an acronym, is simply made of two phrases ‘who’ and ‘is’, which might signify the phrase ‘who is the responsible for this domain name?’ WHOIS is an internet service, an query and service protocol which is responsible for querying databases that store the registered users of internet resource, such as the Domain name, IP address, etc. These users are approved and accredited by ICANN. The prime feature of this protocol is to deliver the information in human readable format. WHOIS also saves other information like the status of company, expiration dates and contact information. WHOIS uses various services for privacy protection and security issues.

WHOIS data via API

Using the WHOIS system

There does not exist a central database of domain registration information as the number of data entries for a system is humongous. Hence, the WHOIS servers look up data across multiple registrars. There are several third party web applications who offer this services. There web services do the crucial job of offering WHOIS data via API to their clients. Most services offer following features:

  • Present data unified, consistent and well-parsed.
  • Provide accurate data using real-time API.
  • Collect information about specific TLDs to target potential customers.
  • Solutions to white list your IP from which you are accessing your API key.
  • Get bulk entries easily in demanding format.

The WHOIS API must work with multiple platforms since the use of information varies across numerous systems. These API services tend to provide data in JSON and XML format since this format is used widely across the technology world, to create various applications and services. Hence it is possible to make an educated and efficient use of this data.

Along with providing the domain data to the services, WHOIS system is widely used to check domain name availability. Since the internet users of the world are exceptionally huge, thee need to maintain this system efficiently, is very high. WHOIS APIs provide a very simple interface to handle all the data and do the necessary changes accordingly. Many such API services allow tracking down registrations, fraud detection and researching the usage. It is also very useful for asset monitoring and verification purposes.

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