How to Upgrade Your Website into a Trusted Page

How to Upgrade Your Website into a Trusted Page

An Introduction about SSL Certificates

The recent trend of online trading has beat conventional selling option in the global market. People tend to buy online rather than spending so much time goes their local mall. Other than that, the significant capital expense to rent a store in the mall becomes a reason for an entrepreneur to conduct their business online. However, this condition produces the massive growth of online trading where the seller and customer not meet directly. All the transaction merely recognize base on the trust. The more customers trust the website owner (as a seller) then the more the transaction comes.

Next comes the following question, how to make customer trust a page? Recent technology introduced an invention through a strict secure link between website page and customer which is called as SSL (secure sockets layer). This technology enables a safe transaction and prevents the data involved to be used by a third party. One of the trusted providers, DigitalServer, is oneof favorite the SSL certificates in Mexico.

certificados ssl

There is various type of certificates level that designed to meet the website criteria. The website that needs less secure link might need the DV (domain validation) only. It cost you only about 700 MXN per year. This certificate validates your website address in one server and IP. The order process only takes about 5 minutes and delivers you a static seal issued by COMODO security.

If you have a website that need more secure link for your transaction, then you absolutely need to have an Extended Validation (EV) type certificates. The customer might recognize if you use EV by seeing their in a green secure padlock. This is a favorite certificados ssl especially among e-commerce websites. Here are some benefits when you choose EV certificate from DigitalServer:

  • Strict validation of your company and organization
  • Short issuance period with only 1 until 2 days
  • High value of insurance
  • Certificate types of SHA and SSL
  • Dynamic seal layer
  • Option for re-emission with no additional cost

There are two package options, from Symantec and GeoTrust. The certificate from Symantec only cost for about 9,500 MXN and GeoTrust package cost about 10,500 MXN per year. If you want to perform a premium service to your customer, this is probably one of the most preferred options. This will provide you many benefits for the long-term security period, giving the customers a safety feel for each transaction.

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