Difference between Photoshop and illustrator

 As we know the fact that the existence of Photoshop and illustrators are considered as two different kinds of graphics programs and both was developed by adobe systems. Consider digital illustrations where you can simply state it were like a graphical program and you can produce or generate images by an artist.  Here the artist is nothing but an illustrator. For example, you are desired to work on a project especially in case of program which are of two types. Depending upon the type of the program that suits you the best really matters here.

Taking the example case into consideration, let’s focus on the comparison of Photoshop and illustrator:

In case of digital illustrations, the utilization of both Photoshop and illustrators plays a significant role while designing or producing images respectively.

  • Photoshop:

It is used to edit, modify created pictures or any graphics related contents. Here bitmap graphics are created. Moreover, the graphics are created in the form of pixels which looks like colored squares. It is accompanied with effective quality factors. In fact photo editing, special effects act like an asset. In order to provide good quality picture or image, it is dependent on high-resolution quality factors.

  • Illustrator:

In case of illustrator, it is termed as vector-based software where it is effective in utilizing capability especially adding text to the created images. Here the line is integrated into 2 dots which were connected by algorithm rather than with a pixels line. Its quality is awesome and produces a better quality output as well. It is independent of high-resolution factors.

Example of purpose of both these graphical tools:

 Let’s consider a case, if you want to add text to your created image and sequentially you also want to edit it. In this scenario, you can transfer the edited photo to the illustrator, where you can add the text simply that results in best impact of your image. Differences of both Photoshop and illustrator matters here. Using the pros of both graphical tools for creating an image will shows your talent here.


 Hence differentiating both Photoshop and illustrators plays a major impact in designing a project. Both are essential when these work together for an effective design. With the help of these tools assistance, by satisfying the requirements of your project, you can model and shape it effectively in all the aspects. So adding features related to computer graphics to an image will impact in best output of produced image.

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