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6 Best Social Media Advertising for Ecommerce

Every week new social networks come out, and most them won’t gain any type of traction. So, it is good to begin with the highly popular platforms, and when you have the profitable systems working, you may look in allocating your budget percentage toward an experimental campaign. So, these are some best places you can invest your money immediately.

  • YouTube

Advantages Of Advertising By Social Media Include the enlisted ones:

  • For ads use only customer generated content (that perform good).
  • Grow your fan base and sales.
  • A/B test on fly, by using the platform analytics.
  • Target new and present customers.

Have a look at the best social media advertising platforms help you choose where it is worth your money and time to invest.


Facebook is the best media platforms for the businesses to use and reach the target market – no matter the type of audience.  Besides providing you an ability to connect to many people from the diverse backgrounds, there’re some amazing features that the Facebook will offer to your business. With Facebook ads, one can target people who are willing and want to buy your services and products.


Instagram, Owned by Facebook, is one popular channel, which assures to be the best media platforms for the business in year 2018. Instagram has over 700 million of active users who visit the app just to enjoy video and photos posts from friends, family or even brands.  Instagram’s social media platform will provide powerful advantages for the businesses. One benefit is it tells you the brand’s story with engaging and unique visual content.


An average of more than 328 million of active Twitter users all over the world, this channel is the best media platforms for 2018 strategy. Brands can take help of Twitter just to reach and connect their audience. The hashtags will allow you follow or participate in the conversations on any trending topics of your industry.


Taken by Microsoft in year 2016, LinkedIn is the top social media networks for the professionals. Companies make use of this channel for posting different kinds of content from the job openings to the company updates and different content assets such as case studies and whitepapers. The audiences on LinkedIn platform are all business-minded. This gives the best opportunity for the B2B brands.


Acquired by Google, YouTube has fast become the 2nd biggest search engine, behind Google. One greatest perk in YouTube is it allows the brands to access to an unlimited video hosting. So, this makes it the affordable way for the businesses to publish their video content and will drive more influence conversions and engagement.


Pinterest is ideal for the brands that have good images to share that they may link back on their website to drive traffic. Pinterest has highest reach among the women over different demographics, which includes income, age, location and education level.

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